Anal Sex in Sumeria

Brooks Park
1 min readSep 30, 2022

The Sumerians were really into anal. Sumerians, as a culture, encouraged and engaged openly in anal sex. From the clergy to the cobbler, anal sex was a regular form of sexual activity.
Sumerian religious parameters did not impose abstinence, or even monogamy upon the priest class. priest/esses were not denied sexual pleasure by their religious responsibilities; religious leaders of Sumeria we’re merely not allowed to procreate. Additionally, sex was an important part of religious practice and rituals. Therefore, anal sex was a form of sexual intercourse which could be performed and provided by the clergy without concern that the act would result in pregnancy.
Sumerians recognized unlimited population increases as unsustainable, and utilized anal sex for birth control reasons. Among the general population, anal sex prevented a surge of population growth.
Sumerian culture praised sex with no admonishment of those who had sex. In such a culture, which recognized the inherent worth of sex, and saw sex as part of a natural way of being, there was no taboo stamped on anal sex.
Sumerian sex workers were housed in the temple, an important part of the society. Sex was exalted as a religious practice, performed as a practice to observe the sublime.
Sacred sex workers represented a segment of the clergy which offered a pathway to the spiritual dimension. They too had anal sex to avoid pregnancy. Anal sex was not only recognized as natural, and accepted, as a form of birth control but as a sexual practice for enhancing ones spirituality.

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