Brooks Park
1 min readFeb 2, 2023

Sex is Sublime

Sex is an interdimensional journey transporting its participants beyond the veil into the other realm. Orgasm, la petite mort (the little death; the French phrase for sexual climax) propels the mind into the sublime realm of esoteric possibilities. Transcendence delivers the climatic person into the hands of mystical awe: the moment of orgasm launches the mind into brief moments of ecstatic trance.
Suspended in pure psycho-spiritual bliss, our experience hangs in limbo between this world of form, and the mystical realm. We levitate in merger with the sublime but for mere brief moments. Orgasm reveals an existence pure in form; in those oceanic moments we are cleansed of the world. Rapid moments of the most profound pleasure, which slip from our clutches all too easily, deliver us unto ecstatic grace. All too soon the sublime rescends, and the wave of orgasmic pleasure subsides. We plummet from the euphoric heights of transpersonal awareness, weightless and formless, returning to the world of form. Having transcended physical localities in favor of mystical wonderment, we return lifted in spirit by mystical insight.
The plunge from visceral experience back to psychological constructs:
our soul is flung back into our body, our mind back into our skull.
Like Inanna returning from the underworld…Persephone completing her obligation in Hades…we find ourselves once again in the land of flesh and bone. Every orgasm propels us along the path of exalted experience, furthering our trajectory toward mystical splendor.

Brooks Park

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