Sex IS Everything

Brooks Park
4 min readJun 18, 2022

So much of our thought is driven by perceptions of the world conditioned by cultural indoctrination. Moralist authoritarianism and patriarchal assumptions are implanted in minds from childhood on, by Abrahamic monotheistic systems of control. The oppressive coercion inflicted by such restrictive institutions etch their narratives into the recesses of our minds; lurking there, pulling strings from which our consciousness dangles; making our thoughts and behavior dance.

Once these perceptions are firmly fastened into our subconscious, they go to work decoding the world around us.

Our values, beliefs, biases, and interpretations are all formed under the influence of our indoctrination. Once formed they produce a narrative in our mind if how the world is and how it isn’t

Every observation, every experience, and every message is cross referenced with the interpretations we already possess. These interpretations determine our attachment of false or true, good or bad, evaluation onto any observation, experience, or message. If it matches our preconceived narratives then it is determined to be true and good. If these occurrences do not match the information secured in our subconscious, they are determined then to be false and bad. They either contribute to or oppose our established narratives.

Despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary, established narratives remain undauntedly firm with conviction. Typically inner turmoil, or cognitive dissonance, shatter previously held assumptions and force a rewriting of our internal script.

So, when faced with willful ignorance, pure ignorance, or recreational opposition (one who plays devil’s advocate for pleasure, a person who has no true convictions and therefore can take the opposite stance in any situation for sport) it is unlikely that reason and evidence alone will bring about a rescripting of a person’s narratives. It will require bringing awareness that their narratives are in conflict, or that their narrative is in conflict with their personal values. Instilling cognitive dissonance is necessary to sufficiently alter the patterns of the mind.

Anger doesn’t work (for recreational adversaries it is part of the emotional currency which they seek). Persuasion doesn’t work (except to persuade them to act in defiance of their narratives so as to bring about a need for narrative alteration due to the discomfort of dissonance). Evidence doesn’t work (unless it provides an example of the conflict…

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