Brooks Park
1 min readFeb 2, 2023

Sex Reveals Our Truth

Sex reveals a person’s innermost and most true self. In the throes of ecstatic flesh we play out our life narratives; our trauma, joy, frustrations, imaginations, anger, warmth, tenderness, resentments, grudges, prowess, guilt, freedom, inquisitivenesss, patience, eagerness, creativity, affection, hatred, altruism, selfishness, greed, generosity, intuition,, respect, curiosities, adventure seeking, and our mystical alignment. All of these characteristics surface when we weave sweaty forms into fleshy braids. We release our truths and can no longer lie.. we are honest for once.
We come out of hiding in an intimate…

Brooks Park

Mystical Hedonist; Drug Geek; Psychonaut. Prone to irreverent social commentary.