Transgender People Were Here First

Brooks Park
4 min readApr 15
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Those who oppose rights for drag performers and trans-persons cling to a narrative fabricated by moralist authoritarianism. This narrative claims that such expressions are a recent cultural phenomenon indicative of a society crumbling due to moral decline.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

For as long as humans have been, there have been members of society who have expressed themselves in gender nonconforming ways. The first civilizations, as well as nomadic cultures, had transgender individuals as prominent members of their population. Very often these individuals held important religious roles. The Scythians, Sumerians, Aztecs, as well as in ancient Greece and India are well known for certain religious classes made up of AMAB individuals who expressed their femininity…often including removal of their penis.

Various ancient cultures recognized such individuals as possessing unique qualities, indicating inherent access to divinity and esoteric knowledge.

So, it is not transgender persons and drag performers who are a recent cultural phenomenon and indication of moral decline. Such individuals have existed as intricate parts of the human family from the very beginning. Further, they have represented the religious values of those initial communities….playing important religious roles which maintained cohesive societies.

So it is not they who represent moral decay and crumbling civilization.

Rather, it is the opposition of such expressions which is the more recent phenomenon. Additionally, the opposition of such presentations — if one is to follow the line of reasoning presented by those seeking to eradicate transgender rights and drag performances — correlates more with social upheaval and uncertainty. More accurately, the openly existing of gender non-conforming individuals correlates with the rising development and progression of civilization and religion.

It is the moralist authoritarianism of patriarchal imperialism, which evolved into western monotheistic religiosity and sociopolitical mores, which represents eroding civilization due to moral decay. Western monotheism imposed rigid gender roles, misogynistic oppression, and hostile prejudice against same gender sexual activities in any form. Gender…

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